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Comments on JDownloader. Download Manager 5. More About JDownloader. The tool is compatible with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. You can start, pause or stop downloads, auto-extract archives and set bandwidth limitations. JDownloader has a link grabber that adds download links from your clipboard directly to the tool and starts to download immediately after copying the link address.

Also, JDownloader allows you to import files by saving your list of download links as a password protected file.


At the bottom of the program, you can control the maximum number of simultaneous connections and the download speed. JDownloader saves you the time of viewing ads by automatically bypassing adfly links. It automatically redirects the links and compresses them to a final download page that is displayed in the link grabber section. The program also extracts downloaded files that have been split into parts and merges them after all the parts have been downloaded.

Pros of JDownloader. The tool automatically updates itself everytime you launch it. It has the option of reconnecting using router IP and scripts. Cons of JDownloader. It does not download videos from sites such as Instagram and Vimeo. The help section is not very responsive.

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Installation file may have malware. Requires you to set up a plugin for every site before resuming a download. First-time users may have difficulty in navigating JDownloader, especially when finding the format for output files. Features of JDownloader.

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You can download a video from YouTube by adding the link to JDownloader. The tool then allows you to choose the format in which you want to download the footage whether in MP4 or FLV format. Also, you can choose to download the audio track without the video. When downloading large files that have been split into parts, JDownloader has an option of adding all the links in batch.

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How to use JDownloader with megaupload links Tutorial on how to download files with Jdownloader download here www. Views: Rating: 5. FLV www. Do check out my site. You can also use this plugin for mipony. JD will download this sfv file if available and use it to check your downloads. IT only may take effect on systems with damaged harddiscs, networkdisc or slow external harddisks. Buffersize For very very fast connections 1 GBit or faster it may be usefull to increase the buffersize. You can use diffrerent audio themes. Be default there is the default theme, and nosounds.

Changing the look and feel means changing the total style, like windows, dialoges, colors, forms etc. The linkgrabber tries to sort new downloadlinks to packages. To do this, it compares the filenames. Tip If your linkgrabber shows only a white, empty window, you should try to disable this option. Check this option if you want to display them.


Tip If this option is checked, it may cause JD-crashes on some systems. If you are pro enough, disable them here. You can disaply these tooltips here. By default there are only 5 input fields. If you do not like this. If this does not work, or you like to use a different browser for jd, select your desired browser. If successfull, your browser should start showing the JDownloader.

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What is a new IP address good for? Many hoster use an IP-block to force you to wait a certain time after each download. By changing your IP address, you can bypass this limitation. Please note, that this might conflict with the hosters tocs. How can I see if I have a dynamic Ip connection? Check your ip here. Do I have to configure anything? Every ISP and every router works different.