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Message 2 of 9. Thanks for the response! Can someone else verify this? It seems to be working fine now. It was losing connection on its own after shutting off printer and starting. No I am not using any internet service from HP. Went through the proper steps establish a wireless connection, yet don't want it to cut off later. So are you saying these other steps are not needed or will not make a difference? Not sure what you mean about ping the printer from the Mac? Message 3 of 9. Message 4 of 9.

Set to a fixed channel like 1,6 or 11, not auto. Now try. Message 5 of 9. What are the symptoms of this problem? The reason I ask, is that I've personally experienced many instances where the computer which is connected to the network and can access other network resources, can not print to the printer, despite the fact that the printer IS connected to the network. Jun 2, PM in response to tonyrican In response to tonyrican. Jun 2, PM.

Page content loaded. Jun 2, AM in response to tonyrican In response to tonyrican. Network Printer Troubleshooting. You will get a reply or failure. Jun 2, AM. I have reset the iMac printing system before. The problem in doing this is now the iMac still doesn't see the printer so I can't re-add it back. Even trying to add it by IP address it is not finding it.

I am not sure why, but that was the fix that time. It is a pain in the rear to have to do this every couple of months though lol. Jun 6, PM in response to tonyrican In response to tonyrican. By chance is your computer switching to the wrong Wi-Fi network? I have had clients whose computer would sometimes autoconnect to the wrong Wi-Fi network since their main network was not the preferred one in Wi-Fi network settings.

If not, find it in the list and drag it to the top. Jun 6, PM. Jul 14, PM in response to tonyrican In response to tonyrican. I have the same problem with my iMac inch late , and have tried all the fixes suggested - plus a complete reinstall of High Sierra today. Just occasionally, from System Preferences, I have managed a new printer set-up with "Use" as Bonjour Multifunction, but within 24 hours it drops out again. The first suggestion worked for me! I fought with this all day yesterday thinking it was my internet service provider but finally realized duh that I could use my devices on wi-fi.

I linked to your site from another that came up when I googled my error message. Thank you soooooo much for clear and concise directions! While trying to configure my time capsule as a wi-fi bridge, I completely lost wi-fi configuration on my macbook air v Thank so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried everything I could think of with no success.

Then I found this page, followed the instructions, and it worked! Your help is much appreciated. Then, one more thing… I am on the 2. Much better performance. Yes, drill. To get up and running I drilled through the wall and ran a hardwire ethernet cable to the AE. I went through this list about 2 weeks ago and it did not seem to help. Then my computer started getting slower and slower and then the internet did not work on anything except chome.

Turns out I unloaded the discoveryd. Any reloaded it and things are bag to normal. I cannot test my wifi yet as I do not have it but it atleast fixed my ethernet to be able to dl faster and able to get other apps to connect to the internet. Yes, the Firefox browser loads my gmail quickly.

But, when I attach a large file, the attachment loading times out. Step 1 in the link above worked for me. At least it seems to have solved my network problems when reading email in Firefox. I have cable Xfiniti internet connected to the Airport. Likewise with the iPhone 6, getting download speeds of Mbps.

Nothing worked — until I switched from the 5Ghz network to the 2. I tried most of these with no luck and I have tried the new update to Yosemite. It has been day 3 with NO problems. Well, this solved another problem as well. My Apple TV stopped working. I have re-copied the removed files to their original place, and it works again. I upgraded my Mac Pro late from Mavericks no issues were noted to Yosemite as soon as it came out.

I was using it wired and sparingly, so I did not notice the Web browsing issues until I decided to switch my primary machine to the Mac Pro from my MacBook Pro 2. I was experiencing slow internet speeds wired and Ethernet and discovered that the wiring in my home was generating crosstalk and lots of temporary errors. At the same time TWC upgraded my speed to Mbps contributed to the issue. So I had all the connections redone. I can load the same page on my MacBook Pro in 2 seconds where it takes almost a minute on my Mac Pro. My opinion is that the migration process messed up a lot of system wide settings.

I have two other systems to migrate and I do not need that aggravation. Just took the steps shown in option 1 deleted the files from the library. Shut down MacBook. Rebooted router. Logged back into MacBook — hey presto — problem solved and all working without interruption now even after several test restarts over the last 24hours ;-. I have a 3 year old macbook pro with comcast email.

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After updating to Yosemite, I am only able to receive Comcast email and not send. Comcast email requires entering the personal comcast email password in email preferences for both incoming and outgoing email. After updating to Yosemite, the place to enter the password for outgoing email is no longer there. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes Lee, if you are having problems sending mail or email with OS X Yosemite Mail app you can follow these instructions to fix it:. Fortunately it has nothing to do with wi-fi. This issue bit us hard. My wife upgraded her iMac to Yosemite last week with no observed issues. Its network connection is physical Ethernet and she is an admin.

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He has a managed account with Parental Controls enabled. He came home that afternoon extremely frustrated — no WiFi network connections would work in Safari or Chrome all sites timed out. These devices were a Windows desktop, the default gateway the WiFi router , and the Linux server. All three where physically cabled to the network so were not having WiFi errors themselves. I ran through all the fixes in the article above one by one except for downgrading the OS.

Nothing worked. So I downgraded him back to a managed user. Note that when you escalate an account like this as a diagnostic, all Parental Controls are lost and have to be rebuilt. Apple should really provide a simple way to export these to preserve them. Double d-oh! All of ours are already on Yosemite. First bullet item in the description is it fixes WiFi issues. But my fingers are crossed that this will work. I can connect to the internet with the ethernet cable and my mobile phone with no problems, but my macbook Keychain holds the wifi passwords.

I then changed the settings in my modem to not require a password. Are you sure you want to join it? After a few hours of success, I changed it to WPA2 passworded same question box popped up, I agreed … connect with no issues… Yah again!!! NOTE: I believe this issue is caused by a corrupted keychain entry. Apples help forum shows other high level network techs have notice this issue too. You would just need to re-enter the wifi password. The Yosemite It seemed the intermittent WiFi issues were back and also the Parental Controls seemed corrupted. So we replaced with the last Mavericks backup.

Oh I noticed on Yosemite in Parental Controls now you can export the settings to save them. Nice feature. Will take advantage of it when oh Updating to OS X Hope it stays that way. You will have to wait until OS X Future software updates will hopefully fix more wireless issues than cause new ones.

I had the same problem most others. The problem only presented itself after using the migration assistant. Franks reloading of discoveryd. After dealing with apple tech support and waiting a week for them to get back to me their suggestion was to locate:. By the time they had gotten back to me i had formatted and run a fresh install. I came back to report that However, I just deleted the two plist files above and rebooted. Problem solved! Thanks for posting this. Ive been having problems with Wifi and handoff. I did have all the others, but also several other things. My husband finally fixed this by going through the Assist Me button in network preferences.

Silly me, I thought that would be too easy, so I never bothered to run it. He ran the Diagnostics and Assistant, both which finally fixed my problems. I know, I know…seems unlikely, but I tried every fix that I could find online, and nothing worked. He grabbed my laptop, started playing around and finally ran these tools and they worked.

This fixed wifi problem on all my devices, i expect it will help someone, have a nice weekend :. To resolve my wifi problem after a server. I have tried several suggestions and have been unsuccessful resolving this issue. If we are all having the same recent issues without permanent resolution, it must be a bug or virus in the system. Apple should look into this and provide a resolution, since this is very recent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Every 24 hours, the Mac looses connection to one of the USB disks — somehow always the same even though there is another identical disk same brand, same firmware, same exact configuration.

I have swapped the USB cables, change the port connection and still the same.

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I have checked the disk with every possible tool and is healthy. It takes a restart and everything comes back to normality. This is driving everyone crazy in the house — any suggestions? Please, let me know. I realised that my wifi settings are being stored on the cloud and that even after I tried all the fixes above my iMac still had mobile settings from my MacBook Pro. If you are mobile on another Mac it could be worth trying. Yes, upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite and had like all of you guys internet connection problems.

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For the record, I use an Imac with a Time Machine for backup facility and internet access. What I noticed was that I had, as administrator, finally because at the first connection I had the same problem , internet access but not the other users on the same computer. Changed what?

So, I changed the users that they had administration rights and the connection was again ok. Yes, I know, regarding security this is not ok but my children can continue doing there homework…. Dear Apple, I my case there is really a problem with access lists… Would you please fix this for us? Shut down WiFi. Used ethernet from TimeMachine. Many reboots. Disk Utility at reboot to check for permissions and faults few, but fixed. Added 8. Observed behaviour from both Chrome and Safari.

New Tab, and do a search or URL e. Shut down Chrome or Safari, and the hung New Tab opens correctly!! After suffering from the same Yosemite induced WiFi problem as everybody else and having not been able to correct it after trying out the various suggestions on this forum I reverted back to Mavericks…more by luck than judgement I have to say.

Now, I knew this would not boot because when I had done the original disk to disk copy I had to re-install Mavericks from Apple Central which worked fine because I was registered as having Mavericks. I assumed wrongly that this time the recovery system would see I had Mavericks on the disk and re-install it for me again. Unfortunately, I was only offered Yosemite as an option which was something I definitely did not want.

The next thing I did, and this was just a wild stab in the dark, was to use the Windows Paragon Hard Disk Manager to delete and recreate the HFS partition so when I re-booted the OS X side again, there was just a blank disk and the recovery Manager would have to kick in again to reload the system. I assumed that I would just be offered Yosemite again but, miracle of miracles, sometime between trying to boot the disk copy of Mavericks and re-creating the partition, Apple Central became convinced I had Mavericks all along and I was able to re-install it. I will have to recover my data from a non-Time Machine backup and tre-install a few applications but its a small price to pay for a working system.

Perhaps someone with more OS X knowledge could enlighten me. Thanks so much, Paul! Our MacBook Air was dying on the network after the Yosemite upgrade. The iPad was having a tough time, too, until I did some tweaking, but it seemed like the Router was really having problems when the MacBook Air and iPad shared it. Anyway, we tried these steps and now the MB Air is screaming along.

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And the interference seems to be gone. Great advice! I noticed that my wifi was down only when I was logged in with my personal account, so I went to see my user settings as admin , and noticed that Yosemite had made some buggy restrictions to my personal account. It is having the networking issues mentioned here. Now the only stable service is VNC even remotely this works fine! I updated to Yosemite yesterday and…. Bang, instant headache. The crazy thing was, I could connect using Chrome, but nothing else.

Postbox mail client …no go. Firefox…forget it. I use Adobe CC for my business, so I was going completely nuts, as I could not sync files, receive or send emails etc etc. I even tried to restore tp Mavericks from my backup, but I was not even allowed to do that using the install disk. AND my connectivity problem was not only isolated to WiFi, I went out and brought an Ethernet cable, which turned out to be a complete waste of money.

Same issue. You guys rock. Hi All, I tried every possible fix imaginable, deleting and re-creating accounts, networks, users, kext utility fix, flushing, clearing, reconfiguring etc. Ultimately what worked was to option click on the wifi icon, open wireless diagnostics. Ignore the pop up window and go to the Window menu in menu bar and select Scan. The results are the optimal channels to broadcast your wifi on.

Stable connection!! So far, step 1 has worked. Thanks so much! I read about this problem Fri. Tried first two fixes above without it helping. Next day, back to normal download speeds. First week and a half with Yosemite were also fine. I was going to try turning off my ISP and Airport routers for 5 minutes, but no need now. Hmmm, no Apps are using localization at the moment.

Weather was using location services. Turning the location services off worked like magic. My streaming is back up to full speed from being unwatchable. My Mac Pro experienced all the connectivity issues detailed here. I followed the steps in the article above just up to the DNS server stuff and it worked. Thanks OS X Daily! Unplugging external USB objects.. It seems like Apple is not a guarantee of quality anymore, and the Air that I have will be my last Apple computer. I have been battling with slow internet in any browser since the release of the new OS, few weeks ago.

When I tested my internet speed it was fast 43M , but opening site could take forever. After thinking I had everything fixed last Sunday night, my wifi stopped working on Monday on our two laptops. I waited fruitlessly for an Apple fix, then went through your tutorial again yesterday, deleting those preferences again. Finally I got everything working, and it still is 24 hours later.

By the way, when I tried doing a network diagnosis, it came up all green every time. So that did not help me. Thanks again to you guys. For these Yosemite problems, you are absolutely the best site I have found, and I have looked at many. I really appreciate the help. More than you know. Apple provide free telephone support for 90 days for OS upgrade problems.

Its a pain to get through recently, but once you do, and receive a case , it much quicker, and they will call you back. Even automatically after a couple of days to check if it is still working. In fact Safari is faster than when running under Maverick. I have a Canon Pixma MP Go figure. I was having the same issue on my mid MacBook Air a few days ago. None of the things listed here worked. I was able to find a solution on iDigitalTimes. I was able to get WiFi working with these instructions:.

Shut down the computer. Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not already connected. On the built-in keyboard, press the left side Shift-Control-Option keys and the power button at the same time. Release all the keys and the power button at the same time. Press the power button to turn on the computer.

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I hope this helps someone as it was really bothering me. I ended up configuring my macbook not to sleep and this seems to have stopped it although its hardly ideal. Perhaps some of your members might want to examine their system log to see if they see something similar. I had a lot of problems. Dropping connections etc. Strange thing is that whilst no apple apps were able to make a connection to the internet mail, safari, even ping… , Chrome was working perfectly.

I was thinking of some sort DNS problem. Deleting the bluetooth prefs. The problem was resolved when my Airport Express bridge mode was connected through a network switch to the sitecom router, rather than connected directly. Then I clicked on WiFi. No network was selected, so I selected my network. I entered my password. I want to report my experience with slow wifi on my mac book air after Yosemite upgrade. Tried all tricks on article but no luck. One important note : I operate my mac with closed lid and external monitor plus bluetooth keypad and mouse. Went out bought a wireless mouse and keyboard with cable.

Has anyone heard something like this? The wifi antennae is around the outside of the screen — so having the lid up allows it to get a better signal. I had similar problems with wifi after upgrading to yosemite. In particular: my wifi was stable no issue in the logs as long as my traffic was low. As soon as I had an intense traffic over the airport it was disassociating from the router and reconnecting after a couple of minutes.

None of the suggestions above helped me unfortunately. I discovered instead that associating to only one of the two bands of the router either the 2. Instead when the 2. I suspect that there is beyond possibly many others a bug in the way the two bands are treated with the new airport drivers maybe combined with hardware specs. At least this is another thing that worked for me and that restored my MBP to normal usage. I actually experienced less overall drop issues with bluetooth on. Then called Apple Support, and they put me through all the same steps.

Wifi is now working flawlessly. Spoke too soon. The connection stayed up most of the day, now its back to dropping the connection. Resetting the Router helps for a little while, but then the problems start again. I have new retina 5K iMac and experiencing very slow WiFi connection. Would it be safe to load old kext on the new Machine? I am neither enthusiast nor expert.

I just want my bluetooth to work again following Yosemite installation on to my Macbook Air. Bluetooth connection to my Bose speaker no longer works. In fact, even a cable connection to the speaker does not work. Unbelievable that Apple seem to be taking no responsibility to fix this. Any advice? I use this speaker every single day to listen to music as I work.


We have done extensive testing since Yosemite was released to the general public, and all of the fixes mentioned herein will probably make no difference. However, in Mavericks the problem was not fatal, it was slow and annoying, and then might clear itself up for awhile. However, in Yosemite the internet connection problem is near fatal. We have tested with multiple routers, and multiple configurations. The only way we have been able to make Yosemite perform well when connecting to the internet, is to put the computer in front of the router, or delete the router from the configuration.

Of course unless you want to put your computer in front of your router. Not sure how Yosemite got out on the street with this type of issue. However, it is simply unacceptable. We are now rolling servers back to Mavericks because they simply do not work with Yosemite. Bottom line, put the pressure on Apple to deliver a solution!!

I updated from I had multiple issues that I now know were caused from this update.

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Some are fixed. I tried reinstalling printer software, drivers and firmware. Thank you!!!! I really appreciate you providing the help. After using option 1 today, my wifi has had a steady connection for over 8 hours. It has survived sleep, reboot, video, and apple tv running netflix. Also, my wifi seemed to cut out with me taking phone calls on my iPhone — I was unable to confirm.

Have to admit… this is such a disappointment with Apple. The products are not priced low enough for any user to accept this sort of problem and their lack of response. I tried everything in the article but nothing worked. I finally reset the SMC and everything has been working fine since about 4 days. And leave it running in the background. Out of interest, what does this little program do? My Yosemite My issue turned out to be the 5GHz radio. Thanks the terminal commands were the only thing that worked. I did steps one and two, and Safari flies like I remember.

Using Safari is fine. Thank you for all your tips. They are always helpful and in a language, I, a non-techie, can understand. After years of installing Mac operating system shortly after they came out, I have finally learned my lesson. I believed the hype about how field-tested for months Yosemite was. Well it has wasted much of one day for me earlier in the week trying to send email, and about seven hours today trying to get 2 laptops to print over my wireless network.

When I could print from my desktop this morning, but not from either of our laptops, I tried permission repairs, restarting, turning my Airport Extreme on and off and more. No luck. So my wife convinced me to call Apple and not waste my whole day. As it turned out, I wasted it anyway, thanks to Yosemite. The Apple rep, who was very courteous and tried everything he could to get me up and running, was on the phone with me from about p. He had me add and delete printers on my desktop, walked me through a number of other things through System Preferences, and finally had me reset the printing system.

I still could not print from the laptop. At that point, he referred me to Hewlett Packard since he felt it must be a problem with the printer driver, even though I have the latest. I called HP, and they kicked me to a business line that does not work on Sunday. Along the way, I tried your tip to remove and configure the network configuration and preference files, although I was a little nervous about this.

After a break, when my laptop still showed my printer was not connected, I did a Network Diagnostic. The server failed, and showed a red light. Everything else was a green light. Suddenly, I decided to go to my laptop and delete and add the printer there. It worked.

But I also had additional, time-consuming problems earlier this week with Yosemite, which were really exasperating. When I eventually unclicked that in email preferences, I was able to print as before. Outgoing email was offline: I had a slight problem earlier in the week while working in another officc. I could not send any email from my laptop. By doing repair permissions, restarting and reinputting my incoming Comcast. But at 6 p. At that point, the light went on. I went back in, erased both my incoming and outgoing mail passwords, and put the original passwords back in.

I was in the world of outgoing mail again.

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But Apple certainly seems to have taken many steps back in quality control. Unfortunately, OS X Yosemite has shipped with a large amount of bugs that negatively impact normal users. Apple shipped this thing before it was cooked. Hmmm, maybe apple gets its trouble shooting free on this OSX web page!! While I appreciate anyone posting fix it info for connectivity issues, I have to say that these instructions were very difficult to follow and assume that the user knows almost as much as the writer.

I figured out step one after a few minutes, but step two was harder. Did your web browser not load the complete article? Matt, I think it loaded everything. For instance:. What is the OS X Finder? I imagine this is easy stuff for people well-versed in their Mac OS. The instructions are fairly clear and assume a very low level of knowledge. You should really consider using the tutorials that come with OS X or getting some help at your local Apple Store. The Wireless menu is the icon at the top right corner of your screen that looks like a striped cone if connected to a Wi-Fi network or an empty one if not connected.

Finder is the file management application built into OS X. Great stuff! It got really bad. Clearing the cache seemed to only fix the issue for a short while. I would lose connectivity to my email server, and CalDAV connections would fail randomly. I performed a standard data migration using the Migration Assistant.

The erase and reinstall eliminated any left over issues deep inside OS X, including caches, and other config files that will effect DNS and general connectivity at the lowest levels of the OS. This seems to have resolved my issues totally, but time will tell over the next few days. My Mac mini did not have any connectivity issues at all, so this seems to be more of a problem with Apple laptops than with a desktop system. I as well ran into a situation where my Device Name was being modified randomly by adding a numerical designator at the end of my Device Name.

Attempted numerous times to change but no avail. This prompted me to call Apple who at first was baffled by this problem but suggested there must be a conflict in my Time Capsule configuration as the source. During troubleshooting, my ISP connection was lost forcing me to call my provider who sent a refresh signal. Once I came back online I found that my Device Name listed on the wireless clients portion was incorrect. Once I corrected OS X HI, Richard, I had that problem as well and Apple helped me with it.