Mac lip erase for dark lips

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Heat from the fingertip will help warm up the product and make it glide on more smoothly. Wait just a few minutes to let it set, then follow with your lip color.

There is no noticeable scent and the texture is thin and lightweight. It feels a little tacky once it sets so that the lip color has something to adhere to.

MAC Lip Erase- Review, swatches and usage

With Lip Eras, I am usually able to get a full day wear of my lipstick. Pretty impressive in my opinion! One thing I noticed about this particular product is that it does accentuate dry lips! Dim is a little darker and more suitable for darker skin tones.

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I went for Pale because I wanted the maximum neutralization effect! You can easily buy it online now through MAC website and have it shipped right to your door.

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  • Where’s The Hype? MAC Lip Erase.
  • As for me, this is a life-saver product because now I can actually transfer whatever color I see in the tube onto my lips! Can you order it online? It also cancels out natural lip color. The only drawback is it comes in a jar and is slightly less convenient to apply. I shall check if their website has it.

    Christine's Beauty and Makeup: Mac Lip Erase - Review and Swatches

    In the meantime, will also ask the MAC stores here. The Lip Erase looks quite dark in the pot but doesn't transfer onto the lips as dark as it looks in the pot and is in fact quite light when applied to the lips, I think the shade Pale would be too light for me. Unfortunately this isn't the best image of my lips but I am wearing the Lip Erase in this photograph and as you can see the Lip Erase doesn't look as dark when applied to my lips and has neutralised the colour of my lips and most importantly the blue.

    The Lip Erase feels very much like a lip balm but not sticky at all, it doesn't have that Vaseline type texture as some lip balms do and it does settle and feel almost dry.


    I apply the Lip Erase with my finger and dab it onto my lips, you could use a lip brush or Que Tip if you prefer. I apply the lip erase either before I have applied my make up or once I have finished my base and then it is drying whilst the rest of my make up is applied as my lips are the last thing to be done. I wish I had known about Lip Erase sooner it is an incredible product and works really well, I also find that my lip sticks and other lip products last longer too so the Lip Erase also helps with the wear time of my lip sticks and other lip products I wear which is an added bonus, but most of all my lipsticks now look like they're supposed to, I recently bought a NYX soft matte lip cream in a coral shade and when I wore it the first time I forgot to apply the lip erase and it looked bright pink but when I used the lip erase it was coral and looked like it did when I'd swatched it on my hand, the lip erase is a fantastic product and I can only imagine it would last a long time because I use the smallest amount and it is quite a large pot.

    I really do wish I'd known about the Lip Erase sooner and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you because it isn't a product that I've ever seen mentioned on any of the blogs I read and it really is a great product and definitely worth mentioning, I love it and will continue to re purchase it as it is such a fantastic product.

    Where’s The Hype? MAC Lip Erase

    Lip Erase is a pro product so it isn't available at MAC counters unfortunately but it is available at stand alone MAC stores and also on line so it is easily accessible as pro products can be ordered on line. Or do you think it would be a product you would use?

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    • Thank you for reading, much love as always Zoe x. I'm sure you are all aware that I suffer from serious health problems and because of my health I take a lot of medication every day. Thank you for reading, much love as always.